LDA Code of Conduct

  1. La Tragna LOGO ReflectionsAll students must adhere to the Code of Conduct and respect all the teachers/staff and their decisions.

  2. Students must respect their fellow LDA school peers/students.

  3. Students must arrive for their classes on time- preferably 10-15 minutes before class commencement or inform their Dance Teacher if they are going to be late.

  4. All students must Warm Up before class commencement and Cool Down and stretch before leaving the studio

  5. Students must not distract, bully or harass other students during the class

  6. All students students/staff must not use bad language

  7. Students must be polite and display good manners at all times

  8. Treat all equipment with respect. DO NOT hang or use the Ballet barres apart from their required use-they are for balance and support ONLY

  9. All students must wear the appropriate LDA uniform for classes with appropriate footwear for the dance genre (e.g. Tap shoes). Likewise all trainee Dance Teachers should wear teaching LDA t-shirts, correct footwear with hair tied back

  10. All jewellery must be removed

  11. Long hair must be tied back (hair in buns for Ballet) and arrive to class with good presentation

  12. Food, drink and chewing gum are strictly prohibited in the studio (students may bring a sealed drinking bottle in the studio but it must only contain water)

  13. In the event of any spillages – water or otherwise please inform your Dance Teacher straight away and avoid that area until the situation has been rectified

  14. Be vigilant of any TRIP HAZARDS- make sure bags are stowed away safely under chairs, coats and clothing placed securely on the back of a chair etc. no items should be placed on the studio floor that could trip or injure a student- if you are unsure please speak to a member of LDA staff immediately

  15. All litter must be placed in the bins provided

  16. Please leave all valuables at home- La Tragna Dance Academy will not be held responsible for the loss of any items

  17. Mobile phones and other electronic devices must be switched off/put on silent whilst the lessons are being held (please inform your Dance Teacher if you have a valid reason for your mobile phone use in the studio).

  18. Students must inform the Dance Teacher before the class begins if they have an injury or illness

  19. Students must inform their Teacher immediately if they begin to feel ill or sustain an injury during class

  20. All students must remain with the Teachers at the end of the class until they are safely collected by a parent or guardian

  21. Parents/guardians- please collect your child promptly at the end of a class but please allow for reasonable delays if in rehearsal/unforeseen lesson over-runs if the Dance Teacher has informed the student/yourself

  22. Polite Reminder- all fees must be paid on time otherwise in extreme circumstances your child may risk losing their place in the class/show.



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